About Us - Club History

After an extensive search by air and on the ground for a suitable and available location, the present Phelan Road site was selected in 1988. Under the guiding hand of Lou MacDonald, a twenty-five acre parcel of land was purchased by a company established for that purpose. The company was incorporated as the Phelan RC Flying Club, Inc. (usually referred to as The Company) under the direction of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Field Officer. Under the Corporate Laws of Ontario, shares were issued and purchased by 19 Founding Members.

The founding members were: Lou MacDonald, Ray Baldwin, Bruce Coldham, John Dixie, Russell Holmes, Dan McLeod, Gerry Brown, Keith Gillespie, Lindsay Blair, Len Dickie, Don Gamble, Don Cavanaugh, Al Denton, Dave Thorburn, Graham Ireland, Dominique Gravel, Debbie Mcdonald, Ron Ginsberg, and Gerry Pronovost.

This investment was not only financial but included many hours of mental and physical effort to build a site for model airplane flight. The hard work and dedication by this original group, along with later members, has resulted in the first-class flying field and clubhouse now enjoyed by all!

From the beginning it was agreed that The Company would construct a flying facility which would be made available on a rental basis to a charter club of MAAC, i.e. the Rideau RC Flyers, to be set up by the shareholders of The Company. In 1989, the founders decided to invite several more members to join the RRCF, upon payment of a substantial initiation fee and an annual assessment. The membership was limited to a maximum of thirty people at that time. Over the years, nearly two-thirds of the original founders and members have moved away, left the hobby, or passed on, and as a result, the club has recently invited a number of new members into its fold. Our membership currently stands at 44, and is capped at 60, subject to executive decision.

Obviously, the number of club members has a bearing on the amount of flying at the field and the noise levels associated with same. The Company, as site administrator, assumes financial responsibility for maintenance and improvement of the field and other facilities. It exercises overall control of flying activities which affect the maintenance of good relations with adjoining neighbours and thus, the preservation of the flying site. The advent of electric flight, which is favoured by most of the newer members, has scaled down considerably the noise associated with model airplane activities, to the benefit of all.

On August 25, 2013, the Rideau Flyers club celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding at its annual picnic. Former MAAC president Richard Barlow was a guest at the picnic, and sent the following comment to the executive:

"It was commented yesterday that the Rideau RC Flyers have a site that is unparalleled in Canada. During my five years as MAAC president, I spent a lot of time travelling the country and have visited many clubs in each and every zone or province. With this broad experience I can vouch for your claim as being accurate. I know of no club site that can equal the Rideau RC Flyers facility, although one in BC comes close. It is not merely the flying site that makes a great club; it is the people. I know of few other clubs where I can count on such a warm welcome and find so many long time friends."

During the summer of 2014, the club was re-registered with MAAC as the Phelan RC Flying Club Inc. This change was needed to ensure that the Phelan RC Flying Club is recognized as the leaseholder of the flying site and is therefore eligible for MAAC insurance.


Mike Anderson Kemptville
Vic Atkinson Kars
Pierre Audette Hull
Scott Baker Nepean
Richard Barlow* Prescott
Rod Binnie Kanata
Nigel Chippindale Ottawa
Kevin Cooper Ottawa
Moe Cote Nepean
Doug Culham Manotick
Richard Dalpe Ottawa
Marten Douma Ottawa
Don Dow Nepean
Daniel Dupont Prescott
Aroosh Elahi Ottawa
Craig Ford Osgoode
Wally Gerus Nepean
Fern Habets Ottawa
Russell Holmes* Ottawa
Greg Hope Greely
Wilton Ievers Kemptville
Ron Jelley Manotick
Don Johnson Ottawa
Manfred Kahle Nepean
Ray Klassen Manotick
Dave Laverie Osgoode
Lou MacDonald Manotick
John McGill Ottawa
Dan McLeod Nepean
Mike McLeod Nepean
Rob McLeod Nepean
Glenn Mitchell Nepean
Elckar Monsalve Ottawa
Steve Nateghi Gatineau
Bill Nickel Nepean
Peter Olshefsky Ottawa
David Pearson Carp
Gerry Pronovost Ottawa
Michel Pronovost Gloucester
Frank Reaume Cornwall
Michael Reinisch Nepean
Michael Ross Kingston
Mudassir Shami Nepean
Jean-Claude Terrettaz Carp
Karel Tettelaar Nepean
Fred Zufelt Ottawa

(* Honorary member)

Here's a photo of our club founder in the good old days, firing rockets at the defenseless countryside.